Good day, Gladiators!

It's your friendly neighborhood UltimaGamer3000 here!
Today we have quite a few new updates to the game, ranging from bug fixes, skill balancing, lobby changes, and more!
Click on the spoilers to see what is new!

- Added in AFK check screen before a game begins. Players are given 9 seconds to accept. The game will begin if all players accept. If not the queue will cancel, but the players who accepted will be queued.

- Added in /gb queuestatus so playeys may check who is in which gamemode and how many are queued

- Added in the amount of gems needed to buy a skill if you are able to buy it.

- New leaderboard menu added. Click on the compass and click on the sword to access it. The LB Menu now displays players' heads and current skill setups.

- Shock Wave bug fixed

- Chronobreak's description fixed

- Alot of major queue bugs fixed

- Fireball's direct hit has been fixed, alongside other related bugs

- Wither Chain fixed. You take 0 damage upon usage

- New maps added for 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4!

- A LOT of skills have been redone AKA completely re-coded.
Here is the list.
Freezing Breath
Flame Breath
Ancient Breath
War Scream
Pumpkin Launcher
Melon Launcher
Rocket Chicken

A lot of balance changes were made!
- Lightning Strike changed to 70 energy, 165 damage, and 40% immobilize chance

- Emerald Beam is now similar to Laser Beam, with an added 30% chance to immobilize. Costs 50 energy.

- Ground Pound requires 80 energy

- Bombastic revamped. When used, you now break free of all slows and gain increased movement speed for 2 seconds. Explosion radius is now 5 blocks

- Seismic Wave blast effect increased

- Tornado, Shockwave, and Force's pull and push velocity increased

- Revamped Electro Pulse. Each lightning strike immobilizes for 3 seconds

- Rusty Hook revamp

- Warp Back revamped to now heal 33% missing health

- Meditation heals 95 health each second lasting 5 seconds. Skill is canceled if you take 350 damage.

- Assault and Battery revamped

- Death Mark improved. Teleport to a shadow by pressing shift.

- Meteor Toss spawns more meteors in a larger radius

- Musketeer energy requires 70 energy. Deals 185 damage in a 4 block radius

As always, we have the wonder @D3monw3st to thank for all of these new additions and fixes, as well as for all the hard work he does for Gladiator Brawl.

So now that you know what's new, what are you waiting for? Go play!
Server name is

See you there! ;)
Hello gladiators,

The long awaited forum is now available! If you navigate to the forum category at the top left of your screen click on that. Now proceed to scroll down to access all of the categories. Don't forget to register a user on the right hand side of your screen.